Hello, I am

Ted Esposito,

Digtal Marketing & Technology Consultant

Based in Tampa Bay, I am a creative digital media and marketing expert with more than two decades of professional experience producing and marketing content, products, and services for both business and personal interests. I help companies and individuals market their brands, products, and services across the web with a proven record of driving traffic and sales to increase revenue.

Ted Esposito - Digital Marketing Consultant

My Specialties

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Branding & Positioning

In digital marketing, branding and positioning involve creating a unique identity and positioning strategy to stand out, increase awareness, and drive customer loyalty.

Market Analysis

Market analysis in digital marketing involves analyzing target markets, competitors, and trends to identify opportunities and optimize marketing strategies for better results.

Software Solutions

Digital marketing software solutions include the use of tools, platforms, and applications to automate, optimize, and enhance marketing activities for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

SEO + Organic Rank

Search engine optimization and organic ranking means optimizing your website and content for search engines to improve visibility, attract traffic, and generate leads organically.

Process Optimization

Marketing process optimization involves streamlining and refining marketing workflows, operations, and systems to improve productivity, quality, and return on investment (ROI).

Lead Generation

Lead generation involves attracting, engaging, and converting prospects into potential customers through various online channels and tactics such as content marketing, social media, and email marketing.

I can do all of this and more!

Graphic Design

Web Development

Video Production


Email Marketing

Social Media


Data Analytics

Mobile App Development

User Experience Design

Video Editing

Paid Media


About Me

Why work with me?

I’ve spent the last 15 years of my career working hands-on in different areas of digital marketing and creative media. I’ve specialized in video production, web development, lead generation, and marketing technology across various industries. This has given me the tools to share my knowledge and expertise to guide businesses in all areas of marketing, and to educate and lead teams in their own marketing efforts.

15+ Successful Case Studies

I’m still working on getting my case studies published.

40+ Satisfied Clients

90% of my clients have been in-bound referals from prior projects!

15+ Years of Experience

This makes me feel old, but confident in my abilities!

600+ Projects Completed

Okay, this was just an estimate. The true number is impossible to count!

My Process

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Project Discovery

We'll have a conversation in order to determine your goals and expectations. This will allow me to create a timeline and roadmap that aligns with your needs.

Project Proposal + Agreement

After analyzing your needs, I'll deliver a comprehensive proposal of solutions for you to review. Once we're in agreement, we'll get started!

Project Delivery

I'll keep you updated with ongoing feedback, support, and insights about the status of the project through to completion.

Clients Testimonials

Here's what my clients have said about me.

Daniel Fernandez Criminal Defense Attorney

I had the pleasure of working with Ted Esposito on the digital marketing and operations of my law firm, and his expertise and dedication were nothing short of outstanding. Ted's innovative strategies and meticulous execution have significantly boosted our online presence and client engagement.

Bruce Ramos Real Estate Agent

Excellent experience working with Ted for my marketing needs and headshots. He was analytical and took great pride and care when setting up the photo session. I would recommend Ted to anyone in need of marketing assistance.

Chris LaRose Independent Artist

Ted did a phenomenal job photographing and editing my artwork for my website and prints! The quality and service that Ted provides is unparalleled to any other service I’ve used in the past, and I would highly recommend him!

John Clabby Cybersecurity Litigator

Ted is a great colleague, with a strong digital marketing background. When he and I worked together at Carlton Fields, Ted recorded, produced, and marketed more than 20 podcasts where I had a hand, and he was professional, engaged, and full of ideas.

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